• How to Make DIY 3 Dimension Chinese Letter Paper Cutting Craft

    In welcoming Chinese lunar new year of spring festival it is time to make any creation that related with Chinese design. And now we try to make paper 3 dimension Chinese letter cut out. This Chinese letter will look like this 春. The Chinese lunar itself is a long tradition that started from mainland Chinese.

    First you have to provide some material such as :
    1. A square red paper
    2. Pen or pencil
    3. Scissor
    Instruction :
    1. Fold the paper in the middle between the sides to meet each other. This is done for the length and width. Then fold the paper to form an angle between the fold line diagonally.
    2. Fold the paper follows the line of the crease that has been formed into a triangle shape.
    3. Picture letters as shown above the Chinese characters on the side of the triangle. Forming a side that can be cut.
    4. Then cut out the picture of the letter.
    5. When all the lines have cutouts perfectly, open the paper folds. Then you will get a form letter in the form of 3-dimensional.
    6. Chinese that can be put straight.
    Video Instruction to Make DIY Chinese Paper Craft

    Those you can do in welcoming this Chinese lunar new year by making 3 dimension Chinese letter paper cutting craft.

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