• How to Make a Wonderful Tunic Dress DIY in Simpe Way

    This article will tel you how to make a tunic in an easy way with simple pattern. But, do you know what the tunic is? I'm sure there are many people who have just heard the term of "tunic" and the rest still do not know what the "tunic" is. Tunic or also known as "tunica" is a word derived from the Roman term that refers to the clothes. Wherein, the clothes have a simple pattern or model imposed by the Romans and later used also gradually by the Greeks who started the clothing termed by "chiton" that can be used by men or women.

    Over time, tunic undergone several modifications since several decades to the present. Where now the tunic models vary greatly even though the pattern is not essentially different from the first.

    Sewing Craft Making Tunic

    diy craft : how to sew a tunic dress
    diy craft making tunic
    Basically tunic dress with a pattern that is very simple. And made ​​with little material and without requiring high skills. Therefore, if you are a beginner in sewing, you can try to make this tunic by following the instructions on how to make tunic below.

    Materials needed:

    1. Fabric
    2. Pin
    3. Tailor's chalk
    4. Scissors
    5. Thread
    6. Needle or sewing machine


    Pick a fabric that you want to be a tunic. Generally, in earlier times, the fabric used to make the tunic always discolored. It's more because not many options in terms of fabric colors and patterns to be used as clothing. But for now, has a lot of fabrics that have attractive colors and patterns that you can use to create a tunic. But if you want to have a tunic with pattern as in the past, you can choose a fabric that looks in medieval times.

    Fabric Measurement

    Determine the size of the tunic that you create. If the tunic that will be made in accordance with the size of your own body, then follow these steps. Stretch your arms horizontally, and measuring from the mid-chest collar limits your elbow. Or you can also measure based on the clothes you wear daily, so it will get a comfortable size.

    Place the fabric on a flat place. Then fold the fabric in half, with the fold at the center of the longest size. Then fold again the fabric with pleats on this part of the middle horizontally. Measure the fabric according to the size of the body you have taken. Or you can also put your clothes on the fabric, and give an outline on the edge of the fabric fit your clothes.


    Cutting is a critical part, because if there is a mistake in cutting, then the pattern will not be good for clothes. Preferably, before cutting, unite fabric on the top and bottom layer using a pin, so that the fabric will not move when cutting.

    After a given fabric stripe suit your dress size, then cut out the fabric follows the lines that have been made​​. Be careful when cutting that no mistakes can lead to a pattern of disproportionate size.


    Stitch together the fabric on the sides and top except at the neck and sleeves. You can use a sewing machine or by hand. If tunic want to look like during the middle, then hand stitching to be more suitable. However, if you want a tunic that looks neat and has a strength at the seams, the stitching machines be a better choice.

    Other interesting sewing tutorials :

    Making Tunic Video Tutorial

    Below there is a video that you can see which explains the complete and detailed step-by-step how to make a tunic.

    Hope you can love to read this instruction and tutorial in diy craft making tunic.

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