• How To Make A One Hour Pencil Skirt Casual From Scratch Fit Better

    Making skirt is a sewing project that is often done in this craft activities. This time you will learn how to make pencil skirt that casual from scratch that fit better of your waist. When learning to improve skills in sewing, sewing skirts is one of the themes that need to be known. The correct basic stage how to sew a skirt must be understood in order to become more skilled in making clothing and fashion with a variety of interesting patterns.Here some guidance for making skirt. Diy sewing projects are much fun for many people by making a lot of creativity.

    Do It Yourself Craft Making a Pencil Skirt

    diy craft how to make a pencil skirt
    diy craft making skirt
    Such as sewing process in general, there are steps you should go through when going to sew a skirt. However, because there are various types of skirts are available, and each type has a different pattern skirts as well as the level of difficulty in sewing, you need to choose what kind of skirt you want to create.

    Skirt Patterns

    Here are a variety of skirt patterns that you should know:
    • Full skirt
    • A-line skirt
    • Pleated skirt
    • Circle skirt
    • Bell-shaped skirt
    • Straight skirt or known as Pencil skirt
    • Hobble skirt
    • Short skirt

    Step by Step Craft Sewing Skirt

    Below you can follow the guidance in making skirt. Notice each step carefully in order your project

    Set the Pattern of Skirt to Make

    As written above, there are some skirts that commonly wear by women. Each of them has different material, fabric, accessories, needed kits and of course pattern to sew. Choose the type of skirt you want to make. If you feel the ability and experience in sewing is not too much, choose a skirt pattern that you can make.

    Choosing Fabric to Make Skirt

    Choose a skirt-making materials in accordance with the specified pattern. There is a skirt pattern that requires a material that can be stretched. But there is also a pattern of making skirts, which requires the rigid fabric. Read carefully before buying the fabrics.

    Preparing Accessories

    Sew skirts are not just require the fabric only. But there are also other items that are needed according to the pattern that will be created. Buttons, elastic rubber to the inside, sheathing if required, and others.

    Preparing Kits

    All sewing equipment needs to be prepared, so making the skirt should not be stopped just because you do not have a sewing kit required. Measuring instruments, scissors, ruler, tailor's chalk, needle, paper pattern, a bit of paper to record the results of measurements on the pattern along with stationery.


    This is part of the pattern making, where you have to measure parts of the body corresponding to the patterns to be made​​. If you want to make the skirt yourself, then you can measure yourself or enlist the help of your friends or family at home. Use elastic measuring tools commonly used in the sewing process. Measure your hips at the top of the skirt, the largest part of your waist and long skirt to be made. Do not forget to measure parts for buttons on the top, follow the instructions on the pattern.


    Cut the fabric according to the measurements above. Scissors carefully, use sharp scissors suitable for cutting fabric.


    Stitch together the parts specified, starts on the inside. Follow the instructions on the pattern of the skirt being made​​, because each sewing skirt has a different sequence. If having trouble sewing on the curve, iron the slight on the part that you can see clearly that you have the sewing part.

    Note When Making Skirts

    Basically make the skirt has a disparate manner. But in general there are some things to watch when making a skirt with any pattern as described below. What should you do and what you should NOT do.

    Sewing Band

    Sew the top where you will put the band in the form of elastic fabric is a very important part. Due to a mistake in sewing skirt will make you created becomes uncomfortable when worn.

    Take a few inches to put the fabric elastic fabric on the top. Skirts for people who have a large body will have a different width than the skirts designated for people who are small. Due to heavy skirts made ​​will be different for both the person and require different waist sizes anyway.

    Decoration Installment

    If there are decorations to be installed on the skirt that you create. The decoration is generally installed first before sewing when merging the outside and the inside of the skirt. If there is no merging process inside and outside of skirt, then decoration installation is much easier to do.

    Sewing Pencil Skirt Video Tutorial

    Below a instruction in making pencil skirt in video tutorial. Watch carefully each part to make your clearly understand in making skirt from scratch.

    By watching the video above, it is hopefully you can make your own pencil skirt or making other general skirts.

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