• DIY Craft Paper For Kids Or Teen Making Kirigami Hand Fan

    Now is a showtime for DIY (Do It Yourself) craft paper on how to make a paper hand fan with used paper in Kirigami. It is a good time to make crafts from paper that can be used for decoration. A unique decoration from paper is a fun thing you can do when you need to find paper craft ideas. Below you can read the instruction on making hand fan from paper.

    Making DIY Craft Paper Hand Fan for Decoration

    Paper hand fan for decoration has a lot of shapes. The paper fan that most commonly seen is the shape that are large size. But today, we will create a paper hand fan that the result look very unique and the making process is of course amazing. It is not a common hand fan that maybe you usually see somewhere, but it is a Kirigami.

    What the Meaning of Kirigami Paper Craft

    diy craft making paper hand fan
    diy craft making paper hand fan
    What kirigami is? The meaning of kirigami is will be explained right here. Kirigami actually is another variation of Origami. Where the origami itself as a Japanese paper folding art. Meanwhile, kirigami is a kind of Japanese paper cutting and folding art. So there are two basic activities here, those are cutting and folding the paper. The process could be more complicated than origami.

    Making Paper Hand Fan with Kirigami Craft

    Now we come into our objective on how to make hand fan using Kirigami with used paper. Follow the instruction below carefully :


    First, you need to prepare tools for making this paper craft.
    1. Used hard paper of used cardboard paper
    2. Paper image as pattern to cut
    3. Cutter
    4. Rigid and hard material as a cutting board. Glass table is suitable for this purpose.
    5. Iron ruler.

    Attach Kirigami Pattern to Paper

    As you have prepared the use paper, you need to have the hand fan pattern that you can find from here. You can attach the pattern on the used paper by glue on the edge of the pattern. Make the pattern on the paper is firmly attached.


    Using the cutter or other sharp knife, cut on the line of the hand fan kirigami pattern. Cut all the line carefully until the pattern is completely finished.


    Fold the paper in sections to be folded. Usually the parts that folds characterized by discontinuous line. And you can see the result of your fist creation in kirigami.

    Video Tutorial Kirigami Paper Hand Fan

    To facilitate you in following the instructions of how to make a paper fan above. You can follow the video tutorial below.
    Hopefully this diy fun craft ideas is useful for yo when making hand fan from paper.

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