• How To Make a Mini Skirt Video Without Pattern Using Stretchy Fabric

    Now its time to learn how to make a mini skirt with video tutorial in Youtube. Actually making a mini skirt can be done through McCalls 3341 pattern as posted before. But today, I wan to tell you the other way sewing a mini skirt in an easy way without pattern anyway.

    Sewing Craft to Make a Mini Skirt

    diy sewing craft making stretchy mini skirt without pattern
    diy sewing craft making mini skirt
    Now we are trying to make a mini skirt based on a sewing video tutorial. This making skirt video from Stitchless TV that give instructions sewing skirt step by step in a simple method that I believe it is also recommend to follow by those who beginner in sewing.

    Craft Step by Step Making Mini Skirt

    Ok, now we start to make that skirt in mini style .


    As usual, before start sewing or cutting, the most important step is choosing the best fabric for your skirts. The fabric quality is a key factor how comfort you will wear the skirt later. Color is other factor in choosing the right fabric for your skirt. You need to consider the color of your top dress you will wear pair with the skirt. You also need to think about the pattern of the fabric, whether you need a complicated pattern or without pattern at all.


    Measure you waist,hip and leg find the size of your skirt. The right waist and hip measurement determine how comfort you will wear the mini skirt. If the hip or waist size is too tight, it will make users uncomfortable. Note also long skirts, skirts should be no disproportionate size with its long legs. To facilitate the measurements you have to know how to measure the length of the skirt.


    After the measurement is finished, then you can cut the fabric base on the size you have made and the mini skirt pattern also.


    Now its time to sew the fabric that have been cut before. Sew on the each edge sides and joining them together. After sewing the seam, then you can fold the fabric into two layers.

    Making Waist Band

    As was mentioned earlier, that the size of the waist and hips is essential. Then need to be considered when making the waist to the mini skirt. To avoid a buildup of fabric on the abdomen, it needs some modification of making this mini skirt. By cutting the front of the mini skirt with a curved manner. While you make the skirt waistband by measure and cutting the fabric. Take a few adjustments to the size of the waist of the skirt you made to be comfortable to wear.

    The most critical moment when making the waist for a skirt is when connecting piece skirt and waist band section. Therefore you have to really concentrate when sewing the skirt section. First, you need to use zig zag stitch on each part before joining. And when joining them together, use also zig zag to make it strong and neat.

    Making Mini Skirt Video Tutorial

    In order to help you understand the process in sewing a minis skirt, here I provide a video that give instruction step by step how to make a mini skirt with stretchy fabric.

    I hope this tips, instruction and tutorial in craft making skirt with mini size style is useful for all of you. Thanks

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