• Easy and Fun Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Kids Activities to Make

    Thanksgiving is a tradition that many families have their own ritual that always perform every year. But having the same activities each year is of course boring mostly for children. Children who are still learning in preschool or kindergarten, would want a fun activity that easy to make. Therefore, parents need to be creative to be able to provide a fun activity on thanksgiving day for the kids. These are some Thanksgiving craft ideas to make with your child that easy and fun.

    Thanks Giving Day Celebration

    Thanksgiving day is a celebration that usually perform in USA and Canada for giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year. This tradition has been going on so long that the majority of the population still farming and expect a harvest as their livelihood. Although farming is no longer as dominant as the previous time, but still be a thanksgiving celebration of the holiday is often celebrated with joy.

    Making Happy Thanksgiving Card Ideas

    This might be the most common activities performed by children at every celebration of the big day. Making paper cards has almost become the main activities carried out throughout the year. But make no mistake, it will do is create a Thanksgiving card using paper from paper premises that are not used. Utilizing paper ever children use to draw or wrappers groceries. By using hard paper as its main ingredient, while the decor could use soft paper that can be pasted on cardboard.
    Materials needed:
    • Hard paper / Cardboard
    • Waste paper what is not used
    • Glue
    • Scissors
    • Crayons or colored pencils
    To make the process so easy, you use this printable thanksgiving cards that you can download for free.

    Pop-up Thanksgiving Paper Card Ideas

    Making Thanksgiving greeting card with a design that has been made​​, may be boring for the kids. Now can make Thanksgiving greeting card in the form of pop-ups.Making pop-up card with diy craft kirigami  is a great way and a new experience for kids in preschool.
    Thanksgiving Pop-up Card Picture
    Pop-up Thanksgiving Card.Credit to lakeshorelearning.com

    Coloring Page as Thanksgiving Card Ideas

    Kids must love coloring any picture. As usual, your children can color on any paper that related with Thanksgiving. There are so many free picture related with Thanksgiving in internet such as turkey, corn, pilgrim, harvest, pumpkin that can be downloaded for free. Give the downloaded image to the kids after printing on colorable paper. Let them give any color on the picture. Last write their name and their friend who want to send the card. You can find here what best coloring pages for kids to download.
    Thanksgiving Turkey Image Craft to color
    Turkey image to color. Credit : enchantedlearning.com

    Find more : Fun DIY Paper Crafts Ideas

    Those all some simple and easy Thanksgiving craft ideas for kids activities to make during their holiday.

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