• Unique and Simple DIY Chinese Paper New Year Craft Ideas

    To welcome the Chinese New Year which truth will come again, making paper-craft related to the theme of the Chinese certainly very enjoyable. Lots of homemade crafts using paper with Chinese lunar new year theme. Here are some homemade creations from paper to welcome Chinese New Year

    Chinese New Year Craft

    Chinese culture is very unique and interesting to watch. This is because the chinese culture has a very strong culture with calculations, nature, colors are noticeably different from that of other ethnic cultures. Here are some crafts made of paper material to welcome new year Chinese

    TSUBAKI Chinese Paper E-Card

    A creative do it your self craft made of paper. This picture is not a meal with a lot of vegetables in different color that represent the Chinese design. But it is an imitation meal of vegetable made of paper. The paper craft itself is intended to take its picture for making e-card. The color is really very interesting and also shows a very festive theme and really thick with Chinese culture.

    Lantern Thumbprint

    Actually it is a kind of paper creation like painting bit not using color material but using waste newspaper. The waste newspaper is cut into rectangle that represent as building. Cut some newspaper with different length to show a different height of building. Then put red or yellow color with thumbprint or corks. The result is, some lanterns are flying around the building. It is so creative, moreover for kids.

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    Paper Dragon
    Actually I get this picture by accident and not from the source of the craft. But these creations makes me interested to see it. Making Chinese dragon on paper it's not too difficult. Just need colorful paper, wood or a pair of chopstick, as well as a rather large strap. To make it simply by connecting two pairs of wooden chopstick make use of existing wood. Then cut colored paper and glue along the rope that extends between two sticks, make a colorful. Then on the front face can be made simple using hard paper and then give the ornaments using colorful paper.

    Red Paper Lantern

    A Chinese lantern creations of red paper that looks very unique. Shaped like a lantern which extends from the top down, but this Chinese New Year lantern like dragon fruit is ripe and red.

    Those are some unique and simple DIY Chinese paper new year craft ideas.

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