• 9 Incredible Creative Craft from Old Stuffs for Home Decoration

    Creating a craft not only be able to begin using the new goods purchased. But you can used the old items around you. Even the crafts that you generate can be displayed as home decorations. And here are some ideas crafts from recycled materials that can be made to decorate your home.

    Smart Ideas How To Use Old Stuff as Craft for Decorating Houses

    Below some craft creation that use old material for a useful creation.

    Old DVD for Home Wall Decoration

    The use of DVD and CD can only be done once, and what if used repeatedly to store the data, then the DVD or CD will be damaged and should not be reused. DVD rather than scattered into the trash and damage the environment, you can use them to decorate the walls of your home. You can get the instructions here.

    Old Bulb as Hanging Decorations

    Light bulbs are becoming increasingly unpopular due to the use of energy-saving lamps such as LED. If you still have a light bulb that can not be turned on and not used again, you can take advantage of these lights become a very nice looking of hanging ornament decorations as in the image below.

    Ceramic Style Old DVD Reborn

    Now is still utilize DVD as craft ideas project. However utilizing this old DVD is becoming more beneficial when it used as a repair tool for other good. By Debbie, the DVDs that have been broken can be used as an adhesive equipment made of ceramics, and would look into a product that is completely new.

    Old Bottles Vase

    Once your consumption of soft drinks, the bottle will usually immediately thrown away. But you'd better think again for use. Because the waste plastic bottles can make the earth becomes increasingly damaged. One way is to use it as a vase with a very unique shape.

    New World Window

    After home renovation, you usually have a lot of old stuff as an unused material such as window. Instead you keep the window in your warehouse, which can be damaged by termites, should take advantage of the window into an antiques in your home. Without requiring a lot of work, you can make it into a picture frame or an image map of the world as robrestyle creation.

    Old Door Bookcase

    It is not only your window to use in creative craft as home decoration, but also your door. If your door is not strong enough as it function, you can reused it for another function. Yes, bookcase is a good ideas as shown by Barbara.

    Beautiful Waste Material Lamp

    A beautiful design of a hanging lamp in various color made of waste material by Merry Go Round.

    Waste Newspaper Book Decoration

    If you have a lot of book or newspaper that never read anymore, you can make it as wall decoration, by shape it a circle. As done by Gina who create the waste paper into a very nice looking craft.

    Stars Circle

    Another shape of waste book pages or newspaper is used to create a circle star with wire from this site.

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