• DIY Crafts Learning to Sew Women's Coat for Beginners

    Now its time to leverage your skill by learning how to sew a coat. As a beginner in sewing projects, maybe it is your first time to make coat, of course it's a good chance for you. You can fin a lot of knowledge about this craft of sewing here especially in making coats.

    DIY Craft Sewing to Make a Women Coat for Beginner

    Make the coat more difficult than creating a t-shirt, moreover done by beginners in the field of sewing. But you do not have to hesitate even fear, because you can get a lot of instructions on how to make a coat for beginners step by step below. In addition you can also see the video making jacket and coat done by people experienced in sewing and taught about how to sew a coat.
    diy craft learn how to sew coat
    diy craft sewing coat

    Craft Sewing : Steps to Make Coat:


    As the most first before thinking to make dress, t-shirt or other clothes, style and models are what you think about. The factor that makes you want to have a particular outfit whether to buy in finished form or make your own. With the clothes you want to make your own, you can begin the stage to prepare the material and also how it works.

    Choosing Fabrics

    As usual, when making dresses, clothes and also in this coat, choosing fabric is the first step you have to do. When selecting fabric for coat, you have to consider the season or specific function of its coat. Winter coat has different fabric with summer coat or as just fashion. The material determine how comfort the coat on your skin when you wear it. Winter coat uses a thick material or fabric rather than summer coat. A warmer material is a main consideration when buying fabric for coat in a cold season. Wool is a good choice for winter coat. For other situation, denim or corduroy can be used for coats.

    Follow this tips when choosing fabric for coats :
    • Weight
    • Texture
    • Water Fastness
    • Warmth
    • Feel
    • Durability
    • Pattern
    • Natural or Blend

    These fabrics are some good options for coat :
    • Tweed
    • Fleece
    • Velvet
    • Whipcord
    • Tapestry
    • Melton
    • Faux fur

    Choose Lining

    Lining is important in a coat in order to make its comfort in your skin. It is advisable to use silky blouse of skirt fabric rather than a plain lining. When buying a lining at store, you can ask them what fabric available for it uses. Perhaps they have new products that is better thatn you think before.

    Other Materials

    Based on the model you saw at the first time, yo need to prepare other materials. Button, thread, needles, scissors, rulers, chalk for clothing patterns, and other materials in accordance with the pattern that you see.


    Make the patterns into stages that are important in determining success in making coats. Making clothes patterns are determined based on the model you have chosen your first look at the clothes. If you are confused to make a pattern of coat that you create, you can try to look it up online via the internet. You will definitely get a lot of coat patterns which can be downloaded for free via the internet. But if you do not also get a free pattern offered in accordance with your wishes, you can buy them online d internet. Many services are offered at a price of coat patterns that are not expensive.

    If you are a beginner in making a coat, choose a coat pattern that roughly you can make based on your skill level.


    Cutting the fabric carefully. Cut it follow the line you have made on the coat patterns before. Place the pattern on the fabric with the right position so not a lot of wasted fabric after cutting later.


    Follow the sewing instruction based on the pattern you have. Stitch together with careful while connecting the two fabrics, especially the hard part. Straight part usually has a difficulty level that requires a degree of caution that high. Once in a while you need a coat that you are trying to make. Cloth that has been in sewing needs to be tested to determine whether the size in accordance with your body. Do the whole process of following the directions on the pattern you created to complete. To find out how to make coat clearly, you can watch the video below on how to make coat on your own with easy pattern.

    Craft Tutorial Making Coats
    Hopefully you can understand this diy craft tutorial in making women coat.

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